What color not to wear for a wedding

What Color You Should Not Wear For a Wedding? 

When you are invited for a wedding celebration, probably you are planning to buy a new beautiful dress or maybe you are running through your closet, trying to make the best decision.  Take a note that there are an armful of colors you should avoid, and not to make mistakes.

So go ahead, read this interesting blog article that will show you what colors you should avoid for a wedding party? Do not make these mistakes and enjoy your wedding party to the fullest. 

1. Let's start with the obvious - Big No - White Color 

If you were thinking to wear a gorgeous white dress, forget about it and put it back in your wardrobe, let the bride stand out. Interesting information is that eighty percent of all brides are wearing white wedding dress, so white color is resereved only for a bride. Please be kind and do not try to spoil her day and bring attention to yourself - that is definitely a no-no. Sometimes, it is happening that the bride is inviting all guests to wear white. In this case, get crazy and just go for it!

2. Champagne, Beige, Creame or any other Super-light Color 

Many times we have heard wedding guests to say: 'Oh, the color that I'm planning to wear isn't actually white, it is Vanilla, Ivory or Creamy.' Any color that is close to white, do not wear it. Also, stay away from farics that implicate any white, cream, eggshell decorations or details. 

3. Predominately Golden Dresses - a no-no

Every fashion season, there is tendency to wear golden wedding dresses. If the bride is a type of fashion trend-setter or fashion innovator, assume that she might be opt to wear wedding dress that would be goldish. Also, keep that in mind that predominately golden dresses can attract too many attention, so please avoid them as well. 

4. The Bridesmaids Color - Oops, Awkward!

Wearing the same color as the Bridesmaids are wearing, can create an awkward and unpleasing situation for you. You can always inform youself by asking a bride or the bridesmaids what they are planning to wear. Don't be shy and ask, because it can look that you are trying to be a third wheel to the wedding celebration. 

5. Denim - Oh, no! 

Even if the wedding guest dress code is casual and not formal, do not wear denim jeans, skirt or jacket for a wedding. You should look special on this day and denim is percieved very daily and ordinary piece of garment. Rather, try to refresh your wardrobe with some pretty silky dress or wonderful jumpsuit. We will provide you with a lovely advice: Save these denim skirts, pants and jackets for another event - for example, bachelorette party. 

6. Black Color - Going to Funeral?

Black color is very sophisticated and classy color, but it is often related as a funeral color, so try not to wear it for a wedding celebration.  Interesting fact is that in the medival Danish history, wedding dress was painted in black color. It was a symbol of brides' devotion to marriage till death. Today, the story has completely changed and white color is representing innocence, purity, virginity and perfection. 

7. Red Color - 'Did you sleep with him?'

If you are invited to Chinese or Indian wedding ceremony, brides usually wear red wedding dresses. Note this to yourself, that wearing red color can be percieved as upstaging the bride so try to avoid it. In Denmark, legend said that you should not wear red dresses during the wedding ceremony because that implicates that you have had an affair with the groom.