Typer figurer og kjoler

Which Type of Dress Are You Going to Marry? 

Din perfekte kjole - short ugide 

Sometimes it is really challanging to find your perfect wedding dress, but Sara Ditlev brand offers some of extremely interesting tips to find the dress that will be suitable for your figure. This is the short overview of the most important body shapes. Take a look and find your ideal wedding or casual dress for a confirmation. 

What is a type of your shape?

Pæreform - triangle 

Du har en pæreformet krop hvis du har smalle skuldre, en smal talje og brede hofter.

With a pear form of your body, focus on the slender upper body and draw attention to your shoulders. Corsets without sleeves and straps are good for you as they look upwards. Choose a wedding dress that will emphisize your shoulders . Why is that? Wedding dresses sewn in that shape will give you the hourglass shape, as well as highlight your waist instead of your hips.

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Æbleform - inverted triangle 

With a apple figure, you may have straigt shoulder line and ribcage. However, you may have straight hips and very little waist definition. Which type of wedding dress is perfect for you?

Women that have apple-shape of their body should focus more to put attention on hips. Dresses that are designed to emphasize hips are called wedding dresses with an A cut. You may want to look for a dress that will higlight the lowest part of your waist area. This type of dress will have the same form in the upper part of the body as a peplum skirt. [or - Wedding dress is just an extended version of a peplum skirt.

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Big chest, narrow waist and wide hips are main characteristics of an hourglass figure. 

Focus on your narrow waist area - a body-fitting wedding dress with a belt is perfect option in this case. In general, wearing a belt helps you to emphasize your beautiful narrow waist. Which kind of weddking dress should I choose? An answer lies within the mermaid wedding dresses - which is a fantastic choise for hourglass figure. Mermaid dress fits closley to your hips and torso, then spreads out in 'fish tails'. Avoid loose-fitting wedding dresses because then your waist would not be emphasized. 

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Banana shaped body or the rectangular, which means that your shoulder, hips and waist are pretty evenly proportioned.

Body-hugging wedding dresses are not appropriate option because too tight dress will reflect your straight body form. However, very loose dresses would make you look shabby, so please avoid that as well. For banana-shaped body, semi-fitted dresses are absolute hit - show the best part of your body and conceal those you do not want to show. Wearing halter neck wedding dresses will reveal a positive part of your body. It is a plus point because it will help present your body as making it more curvy so the straight figure will 'disapear'. It will bring the appearance of a bigger breast - which is an advantageous point for the banana figure. 

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