Gay ægteskab

... and we would love to celebrate your love together with Sara Ditlev. We can ensure beautiful day with custom-made wedding dresses or wedding suits! Our team would be extremely delighted to design a perfect apparel for your beautiful day. Check our webshop or contact us to book an appointment. 

Being gay, bisexual, transgender or just feeling different can be challanging sometimes. But, on the other hand, being gay is the most prescious thing in the world. Being gay is the gift, and if you understand that being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender means being authetic, unique and wonderful you can fulfill yourself with joy, peace and respect. And, that it is the greatest gift that you can have. 

We want to encourage you to look at our wedding dresses designed in Jylland and visit our webshop where you can find long-sleeves or short-sleeves wedding dresses as well as party dresses. Honestly, we would be really happy to host you in our show-room in Ikast and design a wedding dress or galla dress that suit you. Even if you are living in Copenhagen or other parts of Denmark we can design a wedding dress by sending us your measurments, but we prefer to have a real fitting in our showroom for the best result. 

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