Sustainable Development and Ethical Business in the Fashion Industry - What it Means for Sara Ditlev and Wedding Dresses? 

There is not greater luxury than susitanability. Dress sustainabile. 

Firstly, Sara Ditlev brand was created and mainly focused on designing a wedding dresses. Wedding dresses are extremely unique and elegant types of fashion garments because they contain beautiful details and higly sophisticated materials. Sara Ditlev brand is creating custom-made wedding dresses as well as casual dresses. How is it possible to design such a complex dress and be sustainable? 

1. Supporting Local Textile Production and Suppliers

From the very beggining, one of our main golas was to use textiles that are produced in Denmark. It is conncected with supporting local producers and suppliers. The main reason why Sara Ditlev wanted to design wedding dresses is because we wanted to ensure high-quality materials as well as to implement European standards such as Ecotex within our collection. Many wedding companies in Denmark have outsorced their production in Asian countires and there are no information about working conditions or salaries. Our location, in Ikast, is also carefully chosen because Herning sub-urban area is famous for its textile industry, fabric manufecturers and highly sustainable materials. 

2. Ethical Business

An ethical business demonstrates respect for its employees and associate companies by valuing opinions and treating each employee as an equal.  However, Sara Ditlev brand shows respect for its customers by listening their desires when designing a wedding dress. The only way to run a successful business is 'Being good is a good business.' We are treating everybody equaly and fairly. 

3. Human Rights  

In Sara Ditlev, we are ensuring no child labour and forced labour. However, we have commitment to non-disctimination, gender equity and women's economic empowerment as well as freedom of association. All LGBTQ couples are very welcome to write us and we would design custom-made dresses with joy.

4. Ensuring Good Working Conditions 

From the start we wanted to treat our empoleeys with respect and humanity. That's why we ensured spacious working area as well as breakfast meal. However, Sylab provided industrial machinery to meet the high-quality standards and safe time for sewing. 

5. Fair Payment

We are putting effort to work with producers and manufecturers who have equal pay for equal work done by women and men.