10 Best Wedding Flowers

Perfect Types of Flowers For Your Wedding Day 

Can you imagine you wedding day without fresh flowers?

Wedding flowers are one of the most important elements for your remarkable day, providing elegance, fragrance and beauty. Luckily, there are many differentiations of flowers that you can choose to fit your wedding theme as well as your wedding dress.

Pair your wedding flowers with your wedding dress by implementing the right color palette and stlye. You can decide from timeless rose to the modern calla lily - these classics are never replaced. Take a look at Rex Blomster Shop and choose your perfect bouquet. 


This sort is perfect for the spring, summer or fall wedding. There are many cheerful variations in color and size. Whether you go for a classy, juicy orange or deep red you can find your ideal type within Ranunculus.

However, they look very tempting paired with many species, from roses to succulents, so you have a wide range of options from antique to modern. It is very important for you to note that your bouquet will be visible together with your wedding dress so choose it very carefully


Ideal for a spring or summer wedding celebration, juicy fragrant of poeny provides a romantic and lovely look together with your wedding dress or other wedding accessories.

Peonies are well comibinated with other cream flowers or eucalyptus. Traditionally, peonies are pink, white or red, but there are some special variations such as yellow, mahagony and coral shades. Order your wedding bouquet in here - Rex store based in Ikast. 


Rose is the first option that comes to the mind of many brides because it is a symbol of love and purity which is connected to the wedding day. They are also very classy and traditional.

You can always customize your bouquet with different flowers. You can never go wrong with the roses because there are over a hundred different types of roses varying from colors to sizes. You can easily adapt your roses with wedding season or theme. 



Voluminous blooms of the Hydrangea flowers can enrich your bouquet for your wedding day. The most frequently used are the white ones - representing persecerance and emotion.

Together with your wedding dress the hydrangea will emphasize your femininity and elegance.  


These astonishing flowers represent elegance and grace all over the world, from Southern Asia and Japan, to South America and Europe.

Gardenia flowers would fit perfectly during the summer wedding celebration. It would create a cosy and 'hyggeligt' atmosphere. However, many times they are used like decoration within the spa resorts together with candles, or pinned to your hair or even on the reception dinner table for a touch of beauty and elegance.

These flowers would definitely fit with simple and minimalistic wedding dress - ideal for Danish wedding culture. 

Calla Lily 

Well-groomed and mordern looking, the Calla Lily's bouquet would make a bold statement on your special day. Perfect for a decoration during the weeding celebration. You can place them on the wedding car as well as into the beautiful tall vase.

If you are organizing your wedding inside in a summer garden, these creamy flowers would enrich and complement your wedding theme. Colors that are often used are yellow, juicy orange and pink.  Calla Lily creates very nice impression together with you wedding dress. 

Baby's Breath

This type of flower is often choice for a decoration. It is a symbol of purity and innocence. Moreover, baby's breath is an inexpensive choice to include for your floral decor. Baby's Breath flower can find their place on brida's flower crown. In general, short-term wedding accessories can be designed with this wonderful flower. 


Symbol of beauty and refinement, Orchid flower can bring a sense of mystery and beauty to your wedding. They can be used not only for wedding events, but for conformation or baptism. These flowers are popular choice for the bridal bouquet for summertime.

Orchid flower fits lovely with simple and minimalistic wedding dresses. If the wedding is held on the beach this flower would bring refreshment and beautiful atmosphere.